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Emma and I first met early this year at a Babes in Business conference on the South Coast UK. When Emma told me where she lives all the way up in Shetland.. I was amazed!! It has totally been on my bucket list to explore the Northern Scottish Isles.  I'm so pleased to share this lady's story about living on the remote Scottish Isles, and why we should all visit! I'll be first to visit Emma! Your Cowrie Bay necklace looks amazing on you XX 

Shetland is unlike any other place in the UK, and without meaning to brag, we were voted number 6 by Lonely Planet as one of their top recommended travel destinations in Europe.
I think one of the most noticeable differences in the landscape (compared to the rest of the UK) is that we have very few trees (it’s literally too windy for them) and it’s VERY hilly. You are never further than a mile from the sea and as a result there are stunning views around every corner.
Perks (I’m going to bullet point as there’s A LOT of them!)
• The beautiful scenery - landscapes, beaches with the clearest water, cliffs and everything in between - and the freshest air
• Friendly, tight knit community - its impossible to walk along the street and not see someone you know
• Wildlife - from Orcas to Tammie-Nories (puffins)
• ZERO traffic jams (haha) so my 30 minute commute literally only takes 30 minutes
• In the summer we enjoy up to 19 hours of sun and in the winter - although the days are much shorter - the Mirrie dancers (Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights) come out to play
• Up Helly Aa! Our annual Viking Fire Festival (google it)
• It’s a really safe place - it’s not uncommon for people to leave their homes unlocked and I have no fears going anywhere on my own
• Dare I say... I love that we don’t have many chain stores. No McDonalds, Starbucks, Topshop, you get the picture.
The only challenge with living on an island is actually getting off the island - making travelling a bit more difficult. You either have to fly (which is expensive, even with an islander discount) or get the overnight ferry (which isn’t great if you get seasick and can take up to 14 hours).
Whilst I have big dreams of travelling the world, my heart will always be in Shetland and I can’t think of a better place to be able to call home.
Emma xx
You can follow Emma's journey here:
Insta: @holisticislandliving

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