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I'm super excited to share our latest #kembaligirls blog post with @salty_gypseaa Kirsty. 
Kirsty and I connected years ago in the Dominican Republic one winter. Being a trained hairdresser, she was a woman in demand at the beach with the girls regularly needing their salty, half dreaded locks tending to!
As one of the earliest supporters of Kembali Collections, I'm so happy to share her story and tales from her van life adventures with hubby Rob and Cooper the Beagle!
Hello world, we are the Woodfords 👋🏻
After having enough of normality and the mundane 9-5 lifestyle, we decided to escape the British winter this year. My husband Rob, Cooper our beagle and I will be living in our van for the next 5 months. We packed all our belongings, rented out our barn and we were good to go. 2 paddles boards, 3 surfboards, 2 kite surf boards, 1 skim board 1 snowboard and 2 mountain bikes - all the toys!
Often people at home say to us they can't travel or do the same things as us because they don't have the money. In actual fat, we spend more money living at home than we do travelling and living in our van! Just like us and many others we meet along the way, there is a new found freedom and happiness to be discovered living in converted vans living a minimalistic lifestyle.
On the 4th November 2018 we hit the road in our converted Citroen Relay van called Rela! Starting our journey in Dover, we crossed to Calais via ferry, deciding to drive through France which originally wasn't the plan.
So far we have driven from the UK through France to Hossegor. From Hossegor we drove to Bilbao, Spain to see some friends we met in Morocco the year before. From Bilabo we then made our way along the coast to Portugal, where we met friends who are travelling for their honeymoon. We spent a month in Portugal and are now in Spain where we have been since December. So far we have spent time in Cadiz, Almira, Tarifa, Grenada and Sierra Nevada.
Ok so now to the nitty gritty of living in a small space. Being the girl I am, I love fashion and having limited space i found it hard to devise a way to pack my 8 pairs of shoes, 8 hats, 5 coats and endless clothes, warm and cold weather and bikinis! 
( being hopeful for European winter ha ha ha ).
We packed our clothes into storage boxes that go under our bed. Obviously, I have two and Rob has one. I would love to tell you my many hacks as to how to pack and have the perfect van life, but unfortunately you can only learn on your way.
There is no way to avoid limited space, husbands poop that stinks out the van or constant sandy dog in the van. All I can say is have some patience. I'm holding my hands up here, I have far too many clothes for van life living!!! Girls, you don't need to pack everything and make sure you stock up on scented candles. 
I am an avid collector of beach treasures. I love walking the beach and finding shells, sea glass. The dashboard in our van is now a shrine to this. Making things homely and light in the van was important to me, so i felt comfortable and not confined before we left. We added another window to our seating area which i have filled with plants for clean air, with comfy cushions and sheepskin rug. This is probably my most favourite part of the van, other than the bed.
Living in the van, I could not live without comfy clothes to just chill in, birkenstocks that I wear everywhere, a poncho for quick changes out of my wetsuit, my Lush shampoo bar, and of course PG Tips! Yes, I am truely British. 
My best advice for anyone who is looking on Instagram or knows people who are living the van life, and are dreaming of doing the same, is just do it.
Buy a reliable van, either converted or not converted depending how creative you feel, take some holiday or quit your job - whatever feels right for you. Even the UK has beautiful potential for your first road trip. 
Being outside and away from normality opens your eyes and challenges you. 
You can follow Kirsty and her hubby on their travels here:
Insta : @salty_gypseaa

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