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The Journey to Bali

I always knew I would fall head over heels for Bali.  For those of you who don’t know, Bali is one teeny tiny island out of the 17,000 + islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia. It’s a pretty unique one. Bali is one of the only two islands that make up the predominantly Hindu practising islands of Indonesia - the other being Sulawesi to the North. The rest practice Islam. Indonesia was our big pit-stop on our way back to Europe. Having spent 3 incredible years living in Sydney, it was time to shut-up shop at Freshie Beach and make the migration back to our old stomping ground. We boarded in Cairns with 5 weeks of exploring ahead...

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'Kembali' - The return

Many people ask me what Kembali means and why I used it as my business name. During my first trip to Bali, as a student of foreign languages, I was always tuning into local chit-chat in fascination.. without knowing one word of Bahasa!  Kembali, kembali, kembali .. what a nice word I thought.  Nothing lights me up more than meeting talented artisan makers on my travels, gaining insight into their craft, their family history & often cultural significance of their work. When my maker explained that Kembali means 'return/revert', I loved the idea of a business that 'reverts' to the original makers who have been crafting through their family lineage for years and years, going directly to them to source gorgeous...

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