'Kembali' - The return

Many people ask me what Kembali means and why I used it as my business name. During my first trip to Bali, as a student of foreign languages, I was always tuning into local chit-chat in fascination.. without knowing one word of Bahasa!

 Kembali, kembali, kembali .. what a nice word I thought. 

Nothing lights me up more than meeting talented artisan makers on my travels, gaining insight into their craft, their family history & often cultural significance of their work. When my maker explained that Kembali means 'return/revert', I loved the idea of a business that 'reverts' to the original makers who have been crafting through their family lineage for years and years, going directly to them to source gorgeous products.

On reflection, in my personal life I was doing the exact same thing - returning home from overseas after a 5 year stint predominantly over in Australia. It seems my business found me at a very pivotal point in life, full of unknowns & uncertainties. I always knew I was returning home, finding great peace from that. 

I have taken great joy in returning to Bali & surrounds in Indonesia twice since my original trip in 2018, however now the world looks a little different.

Borders closed, visas required, expensive mandatory hotel quarantine... the list goes on. It's time to change tack a little with my collection.

I am excited to share plans for some upcoming collaborations, with like minded retailers who celebrate products hailing from Indonesia. Watch this space! 

Thanks to all who have supported my venture throughout the last 3 years. You've kept one girl very busy during a global pandemic which I'll always be grateful for.

Indonesia, we'll be back. I'm not sure when, but we'll be back.

Pip x



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