The Journey to Bali

I always knew I would fall head over heels for Bali. 
For those of you who don’t know, Bali is one teeny tiny island out of the 17,000 + islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia.
It’s a pretty unique one. Bali is one of the only two islands that make up the predominantly Hindu practising islands of Indonesia - the other being Sulawesi to the North. The rest practice Islam.
Indonesia was our big pit-stop on our way back to Europe. Having spent 3 incredible years living in Sydney, it was time to shut-up shop at Freshie Beach and make the migration back to our old stomping ground.
We boarded in Cairns with 5 weeks of exploring ahead of us. No plan. Just that some nice man was meeting us at 2am to drive us to our first spot - Ubud. 
I knew a couple of things only, this island was rich.
Rich in culture, rich in history,  rich in geography, rich in wildlife. Rich in beaches, waves, sunset spots, incredible shopping and a damn good time. 
Our taxi man greeted us with refreshing face towels and whisked my luggage away before I could object. He led us to his absolutely pimping wagon - I couldn't quite believe such a sweet young guy had a vehicle like this! It was 1.5 hrs into Ubud. Our Air BnB, from what we gathered, was a couple of refurbished rooms at the back of a temple. Holy moly it was beautiful! We were totally spoilt with a king room & verandah onto our private plunge pool, with breakfasts of fresh fruit, pancakes and Balinese coffee delivered to our verandah. HEAVEN!
A few words how I describe Ubud: jungle tree-tops, yoga, vegan cafés, rice fields, monkeys, infinity jungle pools, temples, spas on every corner, woodwork, carvings, sunrise ridge walks .. I could go on and on. 
Our magical week in Ubud consisted of wondering the streets at sunrise, meandering the early morning local markets and later through the textiles and woodwork.
The only planning was which incredible cafe we were going to eat at next. We spent every day getting lost in the hills on our trusty moped, soaking in everything that sent every sense into overdrive. 
One rainy day, after doing some digging, we researched a village 30 mins outside of Ubud, where the main trade is Silversmiths. Little did I know, that's where Kembali Silver was going to come to life. 
More on that on the next blog post. 
I'll leave you with this little guy, who stole my heart a little bit.




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