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Kembali beach picnic 2021

In the midst of the global pandemic, it was becoming increasingly hard to capture content with my products in an appropriate setting ..with the appropriate weather. Rather than lusting after my next trip to exotic climes to photograph, I began to explore the possibility of shooting right where I live here in the UK.   To celebrate the end of (quite honestly a rather short lived) summer, I invited 15 close friends on a Sunday evening to enjoy sunset drinks & nibbles, supplied by the incredible Charlie from Gather & Feast (link below!). The other objective was  photographing Kembali jewels with the amazing Victoria Lugton (link below!)  It's been so much fun working with girls from all over the world to...

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Campaign Shoot with Milly Nolan Photography

One sunny Sunday afternoon, I was able to team up with a fantastic local photographer Milly Nolan Photography to shoot our first product campaign.  What a fun afternoon it was! I'm pretty new to product shoots - all I knew is I wanted to be at the beach, where our collection is inspired from.  We chose East Preston Beach, South Coast UK for our location. I didn't want a product shoot in a studio. I wanted natural afternoon glowing light in my favourite place to showcase my pieces. After all, we are all about using natural elements to create magic in our collection. Thank you Milly for such great shots - they are better than I could ever have imagined...

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