Campaign Shoot with Milly Nolan Photography

One sunny Sunday afternoon, I was able to team up with a fantastic local photographer Milly Nolan Photography to shoot our first product campaign. 

What a fun afternoon it was!

I'm pretty new to product shoots - all I knew is I wanted to be at the beach, where our collection is inspired from.

 We chose East Preston Beach, South Coast UK for our location. I didn't want a product shoot in a studio. I wanted natural afternoon glowing light in my favourite place to showcase my pieces. After all, we are all about using natural elements to create magic in our collection.

Thank you Milly for such great shots - they are better than I could ever have imagined and I can't wait to work with her again. 

Thank you for making Kembali Silver come to life and providing amazing imagery for my website. 

You can contact Milly via Facebook:



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  • Angie

    Fantastic photography and amazing jewellery. I have several pieces which I love.

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