I’m Pippa - the founder and creator of Kembali Collections. I was born and raised in the UK, and quickly developed that insatiable desire to travel and immerse myself in a whirlwind of cultures, languages, climates, traditions, adventures and far flung places. 

Throughout my travels, I have developed a love for sourcing local, handmade artisan products that are totally unique to that particular country. I love meeting the people behind it - the people who wake up every morning knowing they are going to work to do what they LOVE to do.

Kembali Collections started July 2018 during my travels in Indonesia. By pure coincidence I came across a village of silversmiths who are based slap bang in the middle of Bali. Intrigued to see the trade, we visited. I immediately fell in love with their craftsmanship, their attitude to creating small batch, unique designs, their emphasis on quality and their welcoming nature to let us experience their work first-hand. I just knew in my heart this was the product to kick-start my collection.

Fast forward to January 2019, when we visited Guatemala. I fell in love with the vibrancy, the colourful world heritage listed towns, the exquisite art of Mayan textiles methods that have been around for centuries. My Guatemala collection was born. 
 I am a big believer in business being a force for good. A percentage of sales from each collection are donated to my charity of choice in the collection's native country. In Bali, 5% of annual sales are donated to Bali Sea Turtle Society. In Guatemala, 5% of sales are donated to Common Hope, who have been working around the clock with relief from the 2018 Volcano Fuego eruption that caused absolute devastation.
 I am so proud to be the ‘world stage’ to showcase what amazing artisans are based around our gorgeous planet.